What is wood turning?

Turning is a very old art, used even by the Vikings. The Vikings used a spring-pole lathe which was powered by foot.

A modern-day lathe, at its simplest, is two points holding a piece of wood between them so it can spin freely. On my lathe the wood spins towards me at a high-speed. I use sharp hand tools that shave away wood as it spins. I can make anything that is round, i.e. baseball bats, pens, bowls, candle holders, tops, even wooden balls.

 Wood turning is a true form of art, but sadly many people have never even heard of it. Hopefully this small intro will give you an interest in this fascinating form of woodworking. If so, stick around! I hope to do many posts on finer details of the art, along with projects I’m working on, tips, tricks, and more info in general!


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